Hope he doesn't drool!
I hear food!
Do you think she'll bring us bacon?
It's time for Yoga!
Tickle time!
First one to get him on his back wins!

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What started as a hobby and true love of animals has blossomed into something so much more. The longer we're in the pet industry, the more we learn that there is not only a need for what we offer, but many others like us who consider the care and comfort of our pets our utmost priority. From feeding a high quality diet to stimulating our pets mentally and physically and raising our pets to compliment our lifestyles, we know the importance of having one place to go to help us reach that goal. Our clients have become our friends, family and people who have put their trust in us to provide the quality care, advice and sometimes a shoulder to cry on.

A bit about myself. I am Michelle Hutchinson, head pet lover at KnowPlace Pets. When people ask me how I got into this business I always laugh because I didn't get into it, It got into me. What started as a way to make a few extra dollars watching co-workers dogs, somehow took on a life of it's own and in a few years KnowPlace was born. The last 20 years have been a dream come trust. Not only do I get to help people enjoy their vacations instead of worry about their pets, I get to help dogs and their people learn to understand each other and learn to work together. Often I am the last ditch effort before a pet is rehomed due to their behavior. When I'm not playing with my clients pets or my own, I'm researching new & better ways to be pet parents. What has grown from 5 (4 of which are still with us) clients our first year to over 400, almost 95% of which are referrals, heading into our twentieth year is amazing. You don't just hire KnowPlace Pets, you become part of the family. 


President: Michelle Hutchinson


Michelle Hutchinson

Pet services with YOUR pets in mind



KnowPlace Pets, located in Marengo, minutes from Woodstock, provides expert and knowledgeable solutions tailored to your pets needs. You have choices today and KnowPlace Pets offers them to you and more importantly your pets. We work with you to provide services that match your pets needs and wants. We provide professional dog training services,daycare,boarding,grooming and pet taxi service.  We have and continue to provide services to our clients that proves invaluable. Above all else, our goal is not to be the biggest but the best at what we do. Established in 2004, we have serviced over 400 clients, 95% which are referrals!!! One call and you will know why.

We welcome you to call and make an appointment to come out & visit.

Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.

Dog training is less about training your dog and more about understanding the needs of your dog & how to work with him/her. Inappropriate behavior is a symptom of the problem, not the problem itself. At KnowPlace Pets , our one on one training and behavioral programs are designed around your dogs particular needs - based on breed, home environment, history (abuse/neglect) and current behavioral issues. All training conducted is POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT based, play, fun and exciting. Absolutely no aggression techniques are used in our training programs. Every dog is not the same, so applying the same training program to each dog would be unfair to him/her.

We offer board & train, one on one sessions (your location and ours) and will be offering classes soon. As a thank you for rescuing your dog we offer a 10% discount on all training packages.

Check back to find out when our classes will be offered.

Click ont he pictures below to view a few videos of actual clients dogs & trainers dogs (deaf) for examples of the dogs comfort level & knowledge level. Excuse those "stock photo's" as a computer crash in 2011 ate all photo's prior to that. 



Marley is a 5 month old deaf Great Dane puppy in this video (the trainers dog). Though he failed a few (bow & shake). He completed sit, down, over (a little slow), drop it, come and touch. Thumbs up is GOOD & the duck quack is NO

Satchmo was a 7 month old Aussie mix. He came to us for training due to his hyperactivity, jumping, mouthing and other inappropriate behaviors. Here's what his Mom has to say now "My Satch is as sweet as sugar because he spent time with you...he is everything I hoped for...girl your da best"

Sierra was a 9 month old Golden Retriever who was so over the top she couldn't keep all 4's on the ground among other problems. Here's what Sierra's Mom has to say now "...Thank you for everything you have done for us!! Sierra is a great part of our family....finally!! It's nice to give her the good attention that we have always wanted to give her but never did because she was always a basket case!!"

Barclay (Stock photo) was a year old Cockapoo who was out of control and had no interest in doing anything when told. In a few short weeks a star is born. Barclay's Mom had this to say "Barcs is doing well, but he still likes to dive roll into the sidewalk, do a complete roll, lay on his side or his back for a few moments, then keep walking. Comical, yet annoying. Otherwise, he has been a gem and a joy

Gwen (far left) is an 11 months old deaf and partially blind Great Dane puppy (the trainers dog) in this video. She performed, sit, down, over, off, place, settle down, come - all with a huge smile on her face.