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Hope he doesn't drool!
I hear food!
Do you think she'll bring us bacon?
It's time for Yoga!
Tickle time!
First one to get him on his back wins!

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Let's face it, if we asked our dogs what their ideal day was like, they wouldn't say sitting at home all day waiting for you to come home. Together we can offer them a super fun day to tell you about when you come to pick them up. We will be providing a safe and enriching environment for them to exercise, socialize and burn some of that energy off. We have chosen a smaller facility, with a large outside yard that will enable us to take a smaller group of dogs to maximize fun & minimize stress. We have some budget conscious options and affordable packages so contact us to discuss the package that best suits your dog(s). 


Before arrival, we ask that you please fill out enrollment form which can be found here.


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Daycare - All dogs must pass a temperament test prior to joining daycare. 
Hours: 6:30 am - 7:00 pm, Sat & Sun by appointment only.

  • Play All Day 
    • Single Dog
      • Drop in $  24.00 
      • 10 day package $23/day - $230.00
      • 20 day package $22/day - $440.00
    • Second Dog – additional discounting available for more dogs in household.
      • Drop in $  43.20
      • 10 day package $41.40/day - $414.00
      • 20 day package - $39.60/day - $792.00
  • Play Half Day – 
    • Half Day constitutes a 5 hours or less visit between the hours of 6:30am – 7:00pm (M-F)
    • Single Dog
      • Drop in $  14.00
      • 10 day package $13/half day $130.00
      • 20 day package $12/half day $240.00
    • Second Dog - additional discounting available for more dogs in household
      • Drop in $  25.20
      • 10 day package $23.40/half day $234.00
      • 20 day package $21.60/half day $432.00
  • Pay to Play – This is a new program we have designed for seniors, puppies & budget conscious clients.  $5.00/ play hour, client determines how many hours their dogs play & that’s all they pay for, when not playing dogs will be confined to crate or office.
    • To be eligible:
      • Dogs must be social with other dogs
      • Dogs must be able to be confined without extreme stress to them or others (constant barking)
      • Minimum 2 hours play - $10.00
      • Available Monday – Friday Only
Pet services with YOUR pets in mind



KnowPlace Pets - Stay & Play, Inc. provides expert and knowledgeable solutions tailored to your pets needs. You have choices today and KnowPlace Pets offers them to you and more importantly your pets. We work with you to provide services that match your pets needs and wants. We provide professional dog training services,daycare,boarding,grooming and pet taxi service.  We have and continue to provide services to our clients that proves invaluable. Above all else, our goal is not to be the biggest but the best at what we do. Established in 2004, we have serviced over 400 clients, 95% which are referrals!!! One call and you will know why.

We welcome walk-ins Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm, evenings and weekends are by appointment only.

Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.

What started as a hobby and true love of animals has blossomed into something so much more. The longer we're in the pet industry, the more we learn that there i snot only a need for what we offer, but many others like us consider the care and comfort of our pets our utmost priority. From feeding a high quality diet to stimulating our pets mentally and physically and raising our pets to compliment our lifestyles, we know the importance of having one place to go to help us reach that goal. Our clients have become our friends, family and people who have put their trust in us to provide the quality care, advice and sometimes a shoulder to cry on.

A bit about myself. I am Michelle Hutchinson, head pet lover at KnowPlace Pets - Stay & Play, Inc. When people ask me how I got into this business I always Laugh because I didn't get into it, It got into me. What started as a way to make a few extra dollars watching co-workers dogs, somehow took on a life of it's own and in ague a few years KnowPlace was born. The last 10 years have been a dream come trust. Not only do I get to help people enjoy their vacations instead of worry about their pets, I get to help dogs and their people learn to understand each other and learn to work together. Often I am the last ditch effort before a pet is rehired due to their behavior. When I' not playing with my clients pets or my own, I'm researching new & better ways to be pet parents. What has grown from 5 (4 of which are still with us) clients our first year to over 400, almost 95% of which are referrals, heading into our tenth year is amazing. You don't just hire KnowPlace Pet, you become part of the family. 


President: Michelle Hutchinson


Elton (left) - Head couch warmer and best friend to many

Marley (lap) - Comedian and exercise coach

Gwen (right) - Just makes her mama smile


Michelle Hutchinson