Ask about long term, prepay and multi-pet discounts


Vacations aren't just for people anymore. KnowPlace Pets has been boarding dogs for over 20 years and the words we hear most often are "we are so glad we found you". We bend over backwards to ensure that every pet that crosses our threshold has the most fun and comfortable environment. The dogs have over an acre fenced yard to play in & small compatible groups of dogs to play with. We conduct an extensive interview with you about your pets lifestyle so that we can match him/her as closely as possible. We have many years working with rescued pets and understand their special needs. We have a unique pricing structure offering 1/2 day rates for pets dropped off after 5:00 pm and/or picked up before Noon. Our clients enjoy the same rates for 3 years despite increases.



Before arrival, we ask that you please fill out enrollment form which can be found here.



  • Play & Crate/Kennel - $45.00 (single dog) 
    • Dogs play all day and retire at night to comfortable crate. 
    • If multiple dogs from the same household are requested to sleep together they can. 
  • Play & Cuddle - $50.00 (single dog) .
    • Dogs play all day and sleep at night where they choose to